Reception Tree Assembly

1st November 2016

Reception were fortunate to have a visit from John the tree man from Bristol city council, he discussed the different types of trees and their importance to us and things around us, we learnt that trees offer us 4 things; 1. air/oxygen to help us breath (did you know 1 tree can provide enough oxygen for 3 4/5 year olds?), 2. food (fruit and nuts), 3. Habitats for birds, squirrels and other wildlife and 4. Wood (nothing else produces wood for us to make tables, chairs, doors... from).

He is offering FREE fruit trees to all reception children, please ensure that you order one even if you have not a pot or garden available at your house, perhaps grandparents, aunties/uncles or other relatives have a space for it, if not we can plant some in our playground.