Term 3 in Reception!

Our topic this term is ‘Winter'.  We will be learning about animals – nocturnal/diurnal, woodland and Artic, dark and shadows as well as snow and ice. If you have anything wintery – photos, artefacts, objects, natural things, books etc that we can add to our investigation station to explore we would be most grateful. We will be visited by owls and going for a walk to the local woodlands for a welly walk and a gruffalo hunt. We will be holding an exhibition at the end of term to share with you all the fantastic learning that has taken place throughout the term.

Throughout this term we will be focusing on the stories of Owl babies and Gruffalo’s child – the children will be re-enacting the story, sequencing the story, Fred talking cvc words and writing simple sentences.

In Maths we will learning to add, subtract, explore shape (2d and 3d), telling the time, weighing and measuring.

Forest Schools have begun for Earth class children, each class will have a forest school meeting to learn more about forest schools, what will happen, what the children will need and of course what you can do to help us to facilitate forest school for your children.

Forest school meetings:

  • Moon class – Friday 20th January 3:00pm
  • Mars class – Friday 7th April 3:00pm

Show and Tell - If your child has something that they wish to share with their classmates, please upload pictures and write up on tapestry so we can share it in class.  

Sand kitchen, If you have any old or unwanted kitchen utensils or items we would love to have them for our outdoor sand kitchen.

Outside construction, If you have any odd bits and bobs for example, pipes, tubing, tyres, wood, nuts, bolts, screws, material, etc that you no longer want or need please can we have it for the children to create large scale construction and models.

Please continue with supporting the children to read at home and practising their letter and number formations.

Thank you for your continued support

The Reception team

Our Reception Team is:
  • Mrs Rachael Lindsay


    Moon Class

  • Miss F Ahmed


    Mars Class

  • Mrs Catherine Walker


    Earth Class

  • Mrs Amie Nicholson


    Earth class

  • Miss L Perriment

    Reception LSA

  • Mrs L Tregidgo

    Reception LSA

  • Miss A Leach

    Reception LSA

  • Mrs V Hall

    Reception LSA

The Reception Timetable

Term 3 – ‘Winter’ (3rd January-10th February)

Week /
One Two Three Four Five Six
Letters & Sounds** y, z, zz, qu ch, sh, th, ng ai, ee, igh, oa oo, oo, ar, or ur, ow, oi, ear Consolidation
Tricky Words I, the, to, no, go, into was, we, she he, they, me be, you, all are, my, her Consolidate
Key Word   a, an, as, at, if, it, in, is of, off, dad, on, can, up, had, back, and big, him, get, his, mum, but, not, got, put 
will, then, that, this, them, with
see, for, now, down, look, too, his Consolidate
Week & Theme
Assessment & Introduction of Topic
Nocturnal Animals Dark
Woodland Animals
Snow & Ice
Artic animals
Literacy Assessment Owl Babies - re-telling a story & writing words Owl Babies - writing about the story & sequencing the story The Gruffalo's Child - Saying and writing a sentence
The Gruffalo's Child - using adjectives
Happy feet - sentence plotting
Mathematics Assessment Addition Describing shapes 2d & 3d Subtraction and finding one less Telling the time Weighing & measuring
Key Events /Activities Assessment Shadows, dens and hibernation Owl visit & welly walk  Gruffalo hunting Snow investigation/ Melting Artic animal habitats
Jigsaw (PSED)
Dreams and Goals