School Values & Ethos

At St Anne’s Infants’ School we are committed to giving the children the best possible start in life and work hard to provide a nurturing, caring and skills based approach which enables all to flourish.

Our aim is to enable the children to reach their potential, contribute positively to society, be happy with who they are and be the best version of themselves as they can.

In order to do this we explore with the children the government’s definition of British Values those being – democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

We use our STARS theme and the Characteristic of Effective Learning to underpin our values and approach to learning in both the academic and the personal, social and emotional aspects of life.

 Each letter of STARS represents an attribute or quality that we try to develop in the children. These skills are key to children growing and developing into positive and contributive members of society. 

S – self-believer

T – team player

A – adventurous

R – resilient

S – successful

The Characteristics of Effective Learning are represented through five fictional dinosaurs, each of which illuminates a learning skill. 

Thinkadon – thinking things through and making links

Explorasorus – exploring all angles and working together

Challenge Rex – showing curiosity and ambition

Tryatops – showing determination and willingness to keep trying

Happydocus – feeling proud of achievements

The STARS and the Characteristics of Effective Learning are combined to form a holistic approach to learning see attached visual representation.