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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Being an engineer (Design and Technology)


Why we teach Design and Technology

At St Anne’s, we believe Design and Technology provides children with opportunities to contribute to the development of today’s rapidly changing and increasingly technological world.  We aim to inspire our young learners to become creative, adventurous and innovative designers and engineers who are able to provide solutions and make functional products that will improve people’s lives. 



The knowledge, skills and understanding children develop

Our enriching and practical curriculum, enables our young learners to develop the skills and knowledge to generate, develop and communicate their ideas through talking, drawing and creating templates and mock-ups of purposeful products. Children acquire subject specific vocabulary to enable them to verbally articulate their plans, describe the making of their design and evaluate their finished product to a range of audiences.

Children gain self-belief and resilience whilst developing their problem solving skills, enabling them to overcome set-backs in design and manufacture; team work is another vital skill that children secure as engineers at St. Anne’s.     

Children benefit from every opportunity taken to practise and apply their reading, writing and maths skills within the Design and Technology curriculum.



The learning experience

Through play and exploring and active learning in the Early Years, children discover different materials; they learn how to use tools leading them to make independent choices whilst developing their ability to plan and think ahead.  Skills are built upon moving through Key Stage 1 where, with an overarching, enquiry question, collaborative, hands on and awe inspiring lessons challenge our children’s expertise and knowledge as they design and make products according to set criteria. 

Respect and understanding for people is fostered through quality experiences and visits from inspirational engineers who enhance the children’s enjoyment and understanding of Design and Technology; children also learn about engineers from the past, such as Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who have designed and made significant structures that have impacted positively on the lives of people living in Bristol today.