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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Being an historian

Why we teach history

At St Anne’s Infants' School, we are passionate about history and believe that through high quality experiences, children are provided with the opportunity to develop an understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world.  Our principal aim is to ignite children’s curiosity and broaden their knowledge about how people used to live and how this has impacted on the world that we live in today.   

We take immense pride in being a National Heritage School and local history is embedded through our language rich, enquiry-led curriculum.


The knowledge, skills and understanding children develop

Our children become adventurous, resilient Historians, developing transferable analytical and critical thinking skills to enable them to gather evidence and form their own opinions about events and moral and social questions from the past.  Equipped with history related vocabulary children’s oracy is strengthened with opportunities to communicate their thinking to a range of different audiences.

Through their research of historical people from a variety of cultures, our young learners acquire respect and understanding and an awareness of how individuals within our community and the wider world have impacted the world we live in today.  Children benefit from every opportunity taken to practise and apply their reading, writing and maths skills within the History curriculum.


The learning experience

With an overarching, enquiry question, collaborative, hands on and awe inspiring lessons, challenge children’s skills and knowledge of history.  Artefacts, photographs and other sources of evidence that tell us about the past feature significantly in our history learning and motivate the children’s thinking, questioning and reasoning skills, inspiring their desire to find out more.

We are committed to bringing history to life at St Anne’s Infant School as such, we provide first hand experiences for the children by giving them the opportunity to meet and interview 'real life' historians and people who have experienced life or significant events in the past. 

Regular trips and visits in and around Bristol foster the children’s interest to learn about history, enabling them to see how the past features and has impacted on our everyday lives.