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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

British Values

Democracy: Our school value of being a 'self-believer' ties in to this British Value in that it supports children in understanding that who they are matters, and they have the right to their own opinions and ideas. It is promoted through our PSHE curriculum and assemblies where children learn about what it means to live in a fair society. They are provided with opportunities throughout the year to take part in the democratic process of voting for various reasons including to elect peers to represent them on school council and for whole class rewards. 


Mutual Respect: Our school value of being a 'team-player' links to this British Value and this is explored through assemblies and through our positive relationships and behaviour policy. All staff and children are expected to show respect for one another and everything in school through our school rules. The PSHE curriculum develops children's understanding of how we are all different yet all equal. They continue this learning by considering how their behaviour towards others can affect people’s feelings. Open-ended learning opportunities, circle times and learning strategies such as talk partners encourage children to respect each other, be co-operative, collaborative and supportive.


Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs:  In PSHE, children have the opportunity to learn about their own identity, what makes them special and unique and how others might be different to them. Their knowledge of different faiths and beliefs is developed and the diversity and variety of faiths and cultures that are represented within our community are celebrated through RE, assemblies, stories and events.


Individual Liberty: In PSHE and other aspects of classroom and school life, children learn the importance of

working together towards a goal, being 'resilient' (another school value) and how it feels to share success with others through whole class rewards. Again our school value of being a 'self-believer' supports children in exercising their individual liberty. Through our safeguarding practices and education, children learn about personal freedoms, how to exercise these safely and what to do if you they feel their individual liberty is being suppressed. 


Rule of Law: In PSHE, children learn what it means to be safe. Through this and our safeguarding practices, children consider how we can keep ourselves and each other safe. Each class adheres to the school rules and the school values that underpin our behaviour policy. Additionally, the rule of law is explored through the establishment of a class charter at the beginning of each year; children learn that they have rights but also responsibilities. A strong emphasis is placed on everyone in school being responsible for the choices they make and the consequences of these choices.