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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Online Safety

The Internet is an incredible invention that has now become part of every day life but it can also pose risks to its users, particularly children and young people. At St Anne's Infants', we teach online safety through the curriculum and take steps to ensure children's safety whilst using technology in school.


The key areas that we follow in school are as follows:


Self image and identity 

This teaches children how to recognise feelings that we may experience when we are online. It also teaches how we are perceived online and what information others may learn about us.


Communicating Online

This unit focusses on how we can speak to others online through video calling, messaging and gaming apps. It teaches children how to use these responsibly and with the help of an adult. It discusses how there may be risks involved with talking to people online that we don't know.


Online bullying

During this unit, children learn what online buillying means and where they might see it. It teaches children the importance of treating others the way we would like to be treated, and where to get help if something has made them upset.


Personal Information

Children are taught what personal information is and why it is important to keep it private. Children discuss what is acceptable to share online and what isn't, as well as learning what to do if someone asks them for personal information. They learn the importance of passwords and how to create a suitable one.


Copyright and Ownership

During this unit children learn that just like in real life, if someone makes something it belongs to them. Children learn about saving their work and discuss how it would feel if someone stole their work.


Finding information online

Children are taught that not all information online is reliable and how to distinguish between facts and something made up. They also learn about voice activated robots such as Alexa and Siri and how to use these appropriately. 


You can find our Online Safety policy by clicking this link