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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Term 2

Term 2 will be another busy and exciting term of learning in Year 1! 

We will continue to learn through the provision both inside and outside of the classroom. We will also be learning the following key skills in each subject area:



As writers, we are working on the following areas:

- using capital letters at the beginning of sentences and for names of people, places and things.

- using full stops at the end of a sentence;

- using spaces between words;

- forming lower-case, capital letters and digits correctly;

- using the conjunction 'and' to join words e.g. 'There was a slide and a swing'.

- using the names of people, places and things e.g. 'dragon, castle, butterfly.'


We will also be enjoying reading a range of texts as authors including fiction, non-fiction and poetry.



This term we will be working on place value as well as the following areas:

- counting forwards and backwards to 30.

- adding and subtracting numbers.

- knowing number bonds to 10 (pairs of numbers that equal 10); 1+9=10; 2+8=10; 3+7=10 etc.

- forming all numerals correctly from 0 to 9.


Ways you could help to support us learning our number bonds to 10 at home include:

- split 10 pieces of pasta into two groups and record all the different possibilities;

- use a deck of cards and select the cards numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Can you find the matching pairs that total 10?

- draw ladybirds and colour or use blocks, raisins or pasta to arrange a different number of spots on each side of the ladybird;

- gather 10 lego bricks in a clear plastic bag and seal the bag. Get your child to move 4 to one side and 6 to the other and then repeat with various numbers. The bag is sealed so they can see that none have been added or taken away, it's just the case of splitting them in different ways.



This term we will be consolidating our knowledge of set 1 sounds (single sounds) and learning the following sounds:

ay (may I play)

ee (what can you see?)

igh (fly high)

ow (blow the snow)

oo (poo at the zoo)

oo (look at a book)

ar (start the car)

or (shut the door)

air (that's not fair)

ir (whirl and twirl)

ou (shout it out)

oy (toy for a boy)


Phonics play is a great resource to use to support learning these sounds. The children enjoy playing 'Obb and Bob' where they need to read a range of real and alien words containing these sounds (if you click on each phase, the different sounds are containing within there):


The children also enjoy watching Alphablocks or Geraldine the Giraffe videos on these sounds (if you search 'Alphablocks ee, it should take you to the correct video. If not, follow these links):


Use your RWI cards and sound mats to support you at home.

Take a look at the video resource centre as there are numerous videos to support with phonics teaching at home.

Please do come and see a class teacher if you are unsure of how best to support your child with their phonics at home.



Our first enquiry will be 'how can we play in different ways?' We will be historians and explore how play has changed over time. We will look at how our school playground has also changed over time and look at historical pictures and artefacts.



We will be learning about 'what it means to belong to a faith community'. We will be exploring what it means to belong to a faith by exploring Christianity and what it means to belong to the Christian faith community. 



We will be enjoying learning the unit 'Rhythm In The Way We Walk' on Charanga music. We will explore rhythm and pitch and learn a range of songs as musicians.



We will be 'celebrating differences' and recognising how we are all special and unique and that this is something to celebrate.



We will be learning the skills of balance, agility and jumping via the stories 'Journey to the Blue Planet' and 'Monkey Business'. We will also be focusing on the key skills of working with others, turn taking and sharing through our lessons.


As you can see, this term promises to be another busy one! Keep an eye on the website for regular updates and pictures of our learning.