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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Term 3

Happy New Year! We hope that you all had a good break and kept safe and well. 


We are looking forward to term 3 and all the fun that it will bring (hopefully some snow!). We welcome the children back on Thursday 6th January with some building relationships activities including an amazing Colourful Minds art workshop.


Enquiry Learning

We look forward to completing the ‘What do artist’s do?’ enquiry by creating a very special piece of pointillism artwork. We will then showcase our artwork in an art gallery in the school hall. We are hoping that we will be able to invite adults in to look at and celebrate our masterpieces. The proposed date for this is Friday the 21st January. We will contact you in advance to confirm and invite adults to attend.


We are excited to move on to a new enquiry with the question ‘What changes around me? In this enquiry we are Scientists learning about the four seasons and how they change, including the weather and how to observe it across the seasons. We plan to celebrate this learning by recording weather over the week and creating a weather report to go onto the school website video resource centre.




As author writers we continue to practise writing sentences with a capital letter, finger spaces and full stop. We will polish our writing by reading it to check that it makes sense and make improvements. We will also use counters to help plan or sentences and finger space lollypops to create good spaces in between letters. We will use our fantastic writing skills to write a description of a piece of artwork we create as Artists. These will be on show at the end of challenge art exhibition.



As mathematicians we are learning about 2D and 3D shapes at the beginning of the term. We will learn the names and properties of shapes and explore them in fun practical ways by making shape pictures and models. 2D shapes explored will be square, triangle, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon. 3D shapes explored will be cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder and cone.



We are consolidating the digraphs and trigraphs within phase 3 of our school phonics plan. The sounds we are learning are.

ay, ee

igh, ow

Oo (zoo)

Oo (book)

ar, or

air, ir

ou, oy




Common Exception Words

Please use this link to our school website to practice reading and writing the Year 1 common exception words. The children also have these printed in their book bags for you to use at home.



The children will learn about 'What makes some places sacred?' by comparing two religions of Christianity and Islam. They will explore and compare the places, symbols and objects that people use to worship and what makes them sacred. The children will learn about churches and mosques within our local community and work together to create a whole class poster answering the key question: 'Which places are special and why?'




We move onto the Dreams and Goals jigsaw piece whereby the children learn how to set achievable goals and plan how to reach them over the term. This links really nicely with our Star Values of Self Belief, being adventurous, resilient and successful. We would love to hear about dreams and goals you are working on together at home. 



The children now have 2 sessions weekly and will start gym lessons whilst continuing with personal and social skills through REAL PE.