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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Term 5

Welcome to term 5!


Our first week back will be focused on settling into our new classes and building relationships with one another. 

We will be enjoying learning the story 'The Koala Who Could' and learning this story off by heart. Keep an eye on the website for us performing this story to you in week 2.

In maths, we will be consolidating our knowledge of number by practising counting in 10s; understanding the value of 2 digit numbers (how many tens and ones in each number) and ordering numbers from smallest to largest.

We will be exploring numbers up to 50.


Throughout the term our learning will move on to:



'Where is my school?'

In this enquiry, we will be Geographers exploring our local area and creating maps using a key. 

We will be using aerial photos to recognise landmarks like a river, mountain, school or city and going on a walk of our local area to look carefully at our surroundings.


As writers, we will be exploring the features of an informal letter and writing our own letters. Our focus will be on punctuating our sentences correctly and using capital letters for proper nouns. We will also be trying to extend our sentences using 'and'.



We will be consolidating our knowledge of set 2 speed sounds:

These are /ay/ /ee/ /igh/ /ow/ /oo/ /oo/ /ar/ /or/ /air/ /ir/ /ou/ /oy/


We will then move on to set 3 speed sounds. We will be starting by looking at split digraphs /a-e/ /i-e/ /o-e/ /u-e/. 

Please look at the phonics section of the website for support with these sounds or look at these Alphablocks videos:








Our focus is on 'Relationships'. We will be identifying members of our families and understanding that there are lots of different types of families. We will also identify what being a good friend means and know how to be a good friend.



We will be focusing on the 'Real PE'  PHYSICAL cog.

Our units are called 'John and Jasmine learn to juggle' and 'Ringo to the rescue'.

We will be learning the skills of Coordination- Sending and Receiving and Agility- Reaction / Response



We will be exploring the unit 'Round and Round' on Changara.

We will be learning to:

  • Find the pulse

  • Clap rhythms

  • Sing

  • Play instrumental parts

  • Improvise