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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Term 6

Welcome to term 6!


As we reach the final term in Year 1, we have lots of exciting learning planned. We will also be focusing on transitioning into our new Year 2 classes.

Here is a summary of our learning for the term:


English and Enquiry:

'What grows near me?'

In this enquiry, we will be Scientists exploring and naming common plants and trees. We will also be describing the structure of a plant including trees (roots, flowers and branches).


As author writers, we will be learning the story 'Last Tree in the City'. We will be revising our learning on adjectives. These are describing words. We will be describing the setting of the story, re-telling the story and writing our own innovated versions. 

Here is a link to this story if you would like to share it together at home:



As mathematicians, we are going to be:

- exploring subtraction using objects and a number line

 - finding the difference  (e.g. The difference between 8 and 3 is 5)

- solving missing number problems (e.g. 7 + ____ = 12 and ______ - 3 = 8)

- exploring place value within 100 (counting to 100; exploring how many tens and ones are in a two-digit number).

- finding one more and one less with numbers to 100.

- counting in multiples of twos, fives and tens. 

- comparing and ordering numbers to 100.



Our unit is called 'Changing me'

We will:

- understand the life cycles of animals and humans

- understand that changes happen as we grow and that this is ok

- talk about changes within ourselves and our bodies

- identify the parts of the body that make boys different to girls using the correct names for these.



We will be finding the pulse and rhythm in different pieces of music. We will be singing and playing instrumental parts.



Our unit will be 'what does it mean to belong to a faith community?'

We will be exploring:

- what it means to belong to a faith community

- all of the different communities we belong to

- how it feels to belong to these communities

- how it feels to belong to a religious community.



We will be exploring the PHYSICAL COG (Health and fitness).

We will learn the stories 'Sammy and his Rolling Nuts' and 'Caspar the Very Clever Cat'.

We will be using equipment appropriately and move and land safely.

We will explore why exercise is important for good health.


We look forward to a great last term in Year 1!