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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Term 1

We celebrated the end of our enquiry with a fashion show! (see the full videos on the video resources center)

Neptune Class have made their third and final hats! Each time they have made it, they have tested it and then improved it. To test the rain hats, we poured water on them to make sure the materials were waterproof. To test the sun hats, we shone a torch over to see if they gave a strong shadow. To test the insect repellent hats, we pretended to fly insects around the classroom to see if they could get in the hat. We look forward to celebrating the end of this enquiry by showcasing our hats in a fashion show for all the parents on Tuesday!

Mercury Class demonstrated their growth set as they improved their hats.

They had lots of fun using the different joining techniques we had practised and made really purposeful hats.

Venus class created their first version of their hats! As Engineers (and Scientists) we will be reviewing the materials used and design and upgrading out hats this week!

Today Neptune Class have been engineers and have used the correct tools and materials to make a hat. They will have 2 further opportunities to test and then improve their hats. They have been scientists while designing the hats to think what materials would be appropriate for a rain hat, sun hat or an insect repellent hat.

Neptune Class have been learning to join materials in preparation for making their hats for a specific purpose. They have learned how to use split pins, staplers, masking tape, sellotape, treasury tags blue tack and glue to join a variety of materials.

Venus class have been Scientists! We explored lots of different materials, named them and described them. We learned some new words - opaque and translucent!

Venus class had fantastic fun exploring different types of hats as we launched our first enquiry ‘What is my hat made from?' Do you have hats at home to explore?

Today we launched our enquiry 'What is my hat made of?'. Neptune Class have loved trying on a variety of hats and exploring how they are all different. Over the next couple of weeks the children will use their scientific skills to explore materials and design their own purposeful hat!

Neptune Class have had a wonderful time during our building relationships weeks. We even have the addition of two giant snails as our class pets!

Venus class had a fantastic first day back at school 😎