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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Term 2

On Monday 22nd November Y1 attended a special assembly led by Kim from the Bristol Sensory Support Services and Benjamin from Mercury class!


Kim and Benjamin wanted to help us understand some of the challenges Benjamin has to overcome while he is moving around school and playing in the playground. They explained to us how everyone's vision is different and that means some people can't see as much as others.


It was really amazing to hear Benjamin share his perspective and gave us lots of ideas about how we can support him making sure everyone in our community feels loved and cared for.


A reminder of some of the helpful things we can do:

- always say Benjamin's name when we are speaking to him

- always say our own name when speaking to Benjamin

- look out for Benjamin when running in the playground

- be aware that Benjamin might bump into us and that is ok

- remember Benjamin likes to run around a lot, sometimes by himself and sometimes with friends too!




Today was Dot Day, we wore dots and spots to school to launch our new enquiry ‘What do artists do?’ We read Katie and the Bathers and found out about a style of art called ‘pointilism’. Artists like George Seurat created pictures with dots. We went on a dot hunt around the school to find natural and man made dots. Then we explored being artists by creating dot art. We are going to create different art techniques to create a piece of art for an art gallery. As author writers we will learn how to write a description of our art work.

Today the children came to school dressed in dots to launch our new enquiry 'What do Artists do?'. We read the story 'Katie and the Bathers' which introduced us to painting using pointillism. We also read a story called 'The Dot'. We went on a dot hunt and explored using pointillism in the classroom.

Today Neptune Class celebrated the end of their enquiry. The children got to show their pictures to the class and spoke about burying their time capsule at home.

Today Neptune Class completed their enquiry challenge and made their own time capsule to bury in their garden for the future.They thought carefully to choose present information that would inform the children of the future about St Annes in 2021.

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed being scientists today during science workshops today with Mad Maggie.

Venus class discovered an old suitcase in the playground today. It sparked our imaginations to find out who it belonged to and what it had inside. As Historians we found out that it was a time capsule and it had a letter from a past pupil of St Anne’s called Mary. She went to our school in 1937 and she wrote a letter to the future children explaining what school was like in the distant past. It also had old toys and photographs of the time. We even learnt how to play marbles the old fashioned way. This sparked our new enquiry ‘How has my school changed?’ and we can’t wait to find our more! 

Today we started our new enquiry called 'How has my school changed?' Neptune Class found a time capsule buried in our playground which was from a lady called Mary who attended St Anne's in 1937. We read a letter from her to find out all about school life back then. We also looked at some of her toys and photographs. We noticed that all her toys were made out of wood compared to our modern toys which are mostly plastic.