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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Term 1

Author Writer

This term, as Author Writers, our learning foci will be:  

  • Write sentences using full stops and capital letters with spacing between the words.
  • Form correctly sized and orientated lower-case letters, capital letters and digits
  • Use co-ordinating conjunctions to extend sentences (e.g. so, but, and). 
  • Use the noun phrases to describe and specify people, places and things e.g. ugly dragon/old castle/beautiful butterfly
  • Use subordinating conjunctions to add extra information e.g. if, that, because
  • Write about more than one idea and group related information and write coherently e.g. ordering information into simple sections with 2-4 related sentences, writing makes sense to the reader.

In the first few weeks, we will begin to explore these through the text Biscuit Bear.



This term, the children will be developing a whole range of skills and being all sorts of ‘States of Being’!  We will begin by being a ‘philosopher’ and spend time building relationships with our class members and the adults we work with.  We will then launch into our first enquiry ‘What could my classroom be made from?’   Within this, the children will explore, test and evaluate materials whilst being ‘scientists’ and will apply their knowledge to design their very own classrooms, as they become engineers.  These will not be the only skills or states of being they will cover… watch this space and don’t forget to ask your child to talk about what they have been exploring!

Our second enquiry will be ‘What else lives in my city?’.  During this enquiry, the children will continue to develop their skills in being a ‘scientist’, and explore their creativity as ‘artists’!