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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Term 4

Mercury class really enjoyed completing their maps and going on an Easter egg hunt. Have a great holiday!

Geography Day: Neptune Class loved learning about Nigeria!

Enquiry challenge: create a map of our local area!

Venus Class Geography Day: Turkey

Mercury class really enjoyed learning about Albania

As geographers, we created maps of our local area using junk modelling to represent different features. We explored human and physical geographical features and practised identifying them.

How did this huge mess get here? Wait…what is that? A letter to each class! What does it say 

? Wow, it’s from an alien called Loy and he’s given us a challenge to create a map of our school and the local area, then write a letter to him describing where our school is. We can’t wait to start this enquiry!

Today we launched our new enquiry 'Where is my school?'. We spotted that an alien had crash landed in our playground and had left us a letter. Our mission is to write back to the alien with a map so that he can come back to our school! As geographers, we used maps to walk around our local area. We identified many features and labelled them on our maps such as road names, buildings, woods and the railway.

Enquiry challenge: Neptune Class have been historians to make their own timelines of significant nurses. They used historical language to put facts and images in chronological order!

Neptune Class have been 'hot seating'. They could chose to be with Florence Nightingale, Nurse Hadi or Princess Campbell. As philosophers and historians, the rest of the children used questioning to identify the person in the hot seat!

Venus class are Historians! We created timelines to show the life of the amazing nurse Princess Campbell.

Mercury class have had a great start to Term 4. They really enjoyed World Book Day and the beginning of our new enquiry 'Who Helps Who?'

Neptune Class have had a very enjoyable World Book Day! We have guessed each others characters, guessed who staff are dressed up as, made clay models of book characters, wrote book reviews and had a visit from a story teller! What a busy day!

Today we met a nurse called Nurse Hadi. She was able to talk to us about her job role and how she helps people. She was then able to answer all of our questions.

As Philosophers, we thought deeply about questions we could ask a nurse that is visiting tomorrow.

Today we launched our new enquiry 'Who helps who?'. As philosophers, we thought carefully and deeply about who has helped during the recent pandemic. As groups, Neptune Class then created posters to mind map their initial ideas about who helps who.