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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Term 2

Our enquiry this term is "How Do We Celebrate?". Within this enquiry, we will be exploring and discussing significant events in the children's own experience, and special events and occasions for their family and friends. The children have really enjoyed the new party role play area, and we've seen some fabulous and purposeful writing as a result, for example birthday cards, party invitations and party food shopping lists. 


In Literacy this term, we will be reading lots of stories in depth, then using the Talk for Writing approach to ensure each child really gets to know each story's structure and language to promote their own writing. We will begin by 'story mapping', then the children will use signs to remember the stories before they have a go writing themselves. In Writing, we will focus on hearing and writing initial sounds, CVC words (Consonant Vowel Consonant, eg cat, dog, man) and begin to explore how to write full sentences, from saying the sentence aloud, planning the structure and then composing each word in turn.


In Phonics, we are introducing digraphs, or "special friends". This is two graphemes (letter shapes) which go together to make a single phoneme (sound). For example, think of the letter shapes s and h creating the /sh/ sound, in 'shop'. Here, there are 4 letters, but only 3 sounds: /sh/, /o/, /p/. We will continue recapping the single letter sounds we covered in Term 1 and using segmenting (taking apart each word to hear each individual sound) and blending (putting the individual sounds together to form a whole word) techniques to understand the process of how we can use our phonic knowledge to read and write. We will continue to practise these skills in Reading, Writing and Phonics sessions.


In Maths, we will be exploring different shapes and their properties, and continue learning about numbers. The  lessons taught complement the Numberblocks series. This really builds a solid foundation of number, exploring place value, partitioning and using addition and subtraction vocabulary. We will be exposing children to a wide variety of mathematical language and symbols and we will practise using these to prove our understanding.