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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Term 2

This term our enquiry is 'How Do We Celebrate?' We will be learning about a number of different religious celebrations including Diwali, Eid and Christmas and we will compare the similarities and differences between these festivals and other familiar celebrations such as birthdays, weddings and achievements.


In Literacy we will be reading Billy's Bucket, The Scarecrows' Wedding and One Winters' Night. We use these books to provide lost of writing opportunities including lists, cards, and simple captions.

In Phonics we will continue to introduce single letter sounds and will begin to teach digraph sounds, when two letters make one sounds, like /sh/ and /ch/. We will also practise writing the sounds and using them to label pictures. We use 'Read Write Inc' sound cards to help children to learn the shape of each sound. As you read with your child at home, encourage them to sound out the letters and blend the sounds to read the word.


In Maths this term we continue to explore number, specifically looking in depth at numbers 3, 4 and 5, for each number we will learn to recognise it in various different representations – the numeral, on a fives/tens frame, Numicon piece, on a die.  We will begin to make comparisons between amounts and link the numeral to its cardinal value (the number of objects it represents) and compare numbers.   We will experiment with representing number encouraging making marks, dots and writing the numeral.  For each number we will explore how to partition it into two or more smaller numbers, finding all the combinations and then look at how we combine the small parts together to make the whole number again.  We will continue to practise our counting skills and learn to subitise up to 5 objects, (say how many by looking at the amount, without counting) dots on a die, fingers, numerals etc.  Through number we will talk about shapes that represent different numbers according to their properties, naming and describing shapes.  We will explore rotating and manipulating shapes to make images and create other shapes. Finally we will revisit and extend our knowledge of pattern – recognising, copying, extending and creating patterns. To support your child at home you can continue to practise counting, recognising amounts and numerals through your everyday routines.  You can practise comparing amounts for example with food – I have more peas than you, you have less peas than me… I have 4 biscuits and you have 3 I have one more biscuit than you etc.  In play you can partition and combine numbers e.g. We have five cars, 3 are blue, 2 are red, 3 and 2 make 5.  Practise subitising by playing games with a die, showing a number of fingers and asking the children how many or tell the children an amount/show a number card and they show you the right number of fingers.  Finally you can have some fun exploring shapes and patterns to make decorations for celebration as part of our enquiry.