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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Term 6

Today the children have been scientists. Our new enquiry 'what grows in my city?' has lead children to observe and investigate the plants and flowers that grow around them. The children worked in groups to identify each part of a plant, naming the roots, stems, leaves and flowers. They also discussed how a plant grows and what it needs to live. 
Today the children were engineers and geographers whilst thinking about 'what grows in my city?' They discussed what fruit and veg grew locally to them, what is grown in the UK and what fruit grows abroad. As engineers they then had the chance to cut, peel and prepare a variety of fruit and vegetables, before tasting them of course!

Something very strange happened this morning when we arrived at school! In the hall, we discovered some police tape surrounding rocks, stones, sticks, cones and a note. The note was from a little boy who needed our help as he had become stranded on the moon and did not know how to get back to Earth. The children deduced it might be a landing site! Back in class, we found more clues and read the story 'The Way Back Home.' We worked in teams to design and build space ships, rockets and flying saucers to take the little boy back home. Over the next few weeks, we will be doing lots of writing based on this story.

This morning the children celebrated the end of their enquiry 'what grows in my city?' by working in teams and creating their own seed tray gardens. They had previously planned and designed what they would like their gardens to look like; each person chose the favourite part of their own garden design to add to the final group design. The results were fantastic! Excellent teamwork from our budding engineers and artists!
As part of our new enquiry 'what am I?' the children spent the afternoon as scientists, classifying animals into their different groups. They worked in teams to order pictures of animals under the correct group heading. We also learnt two new words; vertebrate and invertebrate to describe animals with or without a backbone!
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