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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Term 5

Hello and welcome to term 5! Please take a look at all of the amazing learning that will be taking place this term.



This term we will be looking at the following areas as mathematicians:


Statistics: The children will be learning how to interpret and construct simple pictograms, tally charts, block diagrams and tables. They will ask and answer simple questions by counting the number of objects in each category and sorting the categories by quantity as well as totalling and comparing data.

Some fun games all around data handling and statistics can be found here:


Adding and subtracting: We will also be focusing on consolidating adding and subtracting numbers using concrete objects, pictorial representations, and mentally, including:

  • a two-digit number and ones e.g. 76 + 5, 95 - 8
  • a two-digit number and tens e.g. 55 + 20, 76 - 50
  • two two-digit numbers e.g. 51 + 23, 66 - 43
  • adding three one-digit numbers e.g. 7 + 8 + 9

Guidance on adding and subtracting can be found here:



The children will continue their learning based around the text ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ by Alison Bartlett and Vivian French before exploring the new text, ‘Gregory, the Terrible Eater’ by Mitchell Sharmat.


As writers, the children will be working on the following skills in their writing: 

  • Exploring and using the features of writing needed to write a narrative (story), including a story that has a beginning, middle and end.
  • Describing characters and setting using noun phrases, adverbs and adjectives.

Noun phrases- these are when an adjective (a describing word) is used to describe a noun (object, place or thing) e.g. the fierce lion; the dark, muddy water; a tiny, delicate butterfly.

An adverb describes a verb- a doing word e.g. I ran quickly; she walked slowly.

This website explains these grammatical features in more depth:


We will also recap:

  • Forming correctly sized and orientated lower-case letters, capital letters and digits- ALWAYS starting at the top
  • Use the consistent tense throughout a piece of writing e.g. either writing in the past or present tense.
  • Using conjunctions e.g and, but, because and so to extend our ideas and link sentences together.



We will be completing our enquiry "How do plants grow near me?" which focuses on Scientist as our state of being, with Geographer as a supporting state of being. The children will test how different conditions can affect how a plant grows and will plant and care for their very own flower!


We will then begin our new enquiry called "How can we live a healthy lifestyle?" which focuses on Scientist and Engineer as our states of being, with Athlete as a supporting state of being. The children will explore food groups and why it's important to eat a balanced diet, where food comes from, and how sleep, water and keeping clean also help us to stay healthy.  The children will work towards planning, preparing and making a healthy snack.



The children will be exploring the unit "Relationships" in PSHE. They will identify some of the things that cause conflict between them and their friends. They will learn how to use positive problem-solving techniques to resolve conflicts with their peers, with greater independence.



This term, our music unit is called ‘Songs of the City.’ The focus of this unit is Heritage and the power of traditional song. Traditional music can help people understand a culture better. It represents the history, traditions and thoughts of a community. We will be exploring songs from all over the Bristol from many cultures to create a bank of Songs of our City.



We will be exploring the ‘physical cog’. We will be performing and repeating longer sequences with clear shapes and controlled movement; selecting and applying a range of skills with good control and consistency; performing a small range of skills and linking two movements together.


As you can see, it's going to be yet another busy term for Year 2! Keep an eye on the website for regular updates and photos of the children's learning :)