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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Term 4

Take a look below at the exciting learning that will be happening in Year 2 this term! 



This term the children will be looking at fractions and time. 

We will be looking at fractions of a number and a shape including half, quarter and a third.

We will be exploring time to the nearest 15 minutes (o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to).

We will also recap addition and subtraction within 100, using place value charts to support.


How you can help at home: 

  • Practise mental recall of number bonds to 10 (1 and 9, 2 and 8), 20 (1 and 19, 2 and 18) and multiples of 10 to 100 (10 and 90, 20 and 80).
  • Remind your children how to write numbers correctly.
  • Practise telling the time.
  • Practise the 2, 5 and 10x table.
  • Explore the value of coins and notes.



The children will be working on the following skills in their writing this term: 

  • Use accurate verb tense and subject/verb agreement e.g. we were NOT we was.
  • Use present and past tense
  • Use commas in lists


We will also recap:

  • Forming correctly sized and orientated lower-case letters, capital letters and digits
  • Use coordinating conjunctions (so, but, and) 
  • Use subordinating conjunctions (when, if, that, because) 


How you can help at home: 

  • Practise spelling Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words (Galaxy Words)
  • Continue to read regularly with your children
  • Encourage children to write at any given opportunity- this could be writing letters, stories, messages to their friends or family, making comic strips, making cards, writing shopping lists etc.



In spellings this term, we will be learning about suffixes, homophones, different spelling rules, key word spellings and tenses.



Our enquiry this term is called "What did Brunel do for Great Britain" and focuses on the Historian as our state of being, with Engineer as a supporting state of being. The children will develop an awareness of the past and a significant individual from our locality.

We are excited about visiting the SS Great Britain to develop our understanding about Brunel.



The children will be exploring the unit "Healthy Me" this term in PSHE.  They will explore how they can keep their minds and bodies healthy through making good choices.  



We will be enjoying learning the unit "Chronology" using the Bristol Plays Music scheme. We will be singing, playing instruments and practicing performing! 



In RE, the children will be studying the unit "How should we care for others and the world and why does it matter?" and learning about Easter.



This term we will be focusing on our ‘Creative Cog’ in PE. We will be comparing movements, creating sequences and celebrating achievements.

We will also begin learning dance through the Real Dance curriculum.


As you can see, it's going to be another busy term for Year 2! Keep an eye on the website for regular updates and photos of the children's learning :)