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St Anne's Infants' School


Reach for the Stars

Term 3

The children celebrated Online Safety Day by thinking about what makes them unique. They thought about what they like do online and offline and noticed that we all have similarities and we all have differences. Our uniqueness is what makes our world such a wonderful place!

Today, the children explored their ‘philosopher’ skills, reflecting upon their own thoughts and beliefs while respecting those of others. As part of their ‘What is home?’ enquiry, they began to look at how human beings are affecting the homes and habitats of many of the Earth’s living things. From deforestation to forest fires; from oil spills to plastic pollution of the sea; from the melting of the polar ice cap to the issue of homelessness in our own city; the children showed their awareness, their empathy and their determination to make a difference. The future lies in their hands... and that should make us feel extremely reassured and proud!

Saturn class are great ‘team players’ when it comes to making our classroom a great environment for learning. Listening and respecting others, following instructions and using a Growth Mindset is helping us all to help each other be ‘successful’.

We kick started this term with our enquiry "What is home?"

The children have been learning about different areas of the world and who/what lives there. In today's session, they used the iPads to research different regions of the world and find out which animals live there. We heard the children making comparisons by saying things like "tarantulas live in both the desert AND the rainforest!"

What is home?